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September, 19th-20th 2013, Huelva, Spain
News October, 28th-29th 2013
Simposio Internacional Salud y movilidad Humana Quito, Ecuador
News, November, 28th-30 2013, Turin, Italy
7° Congresso Nazionale della società Italiana di Medicina Tropicale SIMET 2013


Health professionals gathered in Lima (Peru) to discuss of migrant health

On April 11 and 12, the International Congress on Latin American Migrant Health (http://upchmed.pe/ISLAMH-COHEMI/) was held in Lima, Peru, organized by the Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia-UPCH and the COHEMI network.

During the two days, many health professionals, experts, and health authorities

from Spain and Italy, Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia, discussed topics concerning

migration and health, and the importance of collaboration between migrants’

countries of origin and host countries to improve migrants’ health.

The focus of the symposium included specific aspects covered by the COHEMI

project, such as chronic diseases, neglected tropical diseases (Chagas disease, strongyloidiasis, cysticercosis), tuberculosis, etc.

On the first day of the symposium, after the presentation of the COHEMI project,

followed presentations focused on the migrants health determinants and the

political and economic aspects of migration from the Andean region to Europe.

Chronic (diabetes and hypertension) and neglected infectious diseases

(strongyloidiasis and neurocysticercosis) management before departure,

during stay in Europe and upon return, was discussed.

During the second day, tuberculosis and social aspects of migration were

the topics of the Symposium. At the end, the COHEMI recommendations on

chronic diseases, neglected tropical diseases and tuberculosis were reported.

During the two days, specific workshops on tuberculosis and socio-anthropological aspects of migration were organized.

The presentations and discussion in each session were of high quality

and were useful for planning and suggesting future initiatives.


Chagas week in Cochabamba (Bolivia)

The 15th April, Chagas and other neglected tropical diseases were the focus

a Symposium organized in Cochabamba (Bolivia) by CEADES on behalf

of COHEMI network. The Symposium, which addressed

Neglected Tropical Diseases and Migration, was held during

the first day of the Chagas week (from April 15th to April 19th, http://www.semanachagas.net/index.aspx )

with the participation of most of the Latin American and European partners of the


Representatives of Bolivia and Ecuador Ministry of Health attended the meeting,

as well as a scientific expert from Peru. Almost 100-120

people attended this meeting, where plan concerning Chagas diseases

in the three countries covered by COHEMI project

(Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru) were discussed and each country reported its activities

and questions related to migration and patient care. In the following

two days of the Chagas week, advances in antiparasitic treatment

and epidemiological transmission of the disease were the focus of the meeting,

while in the last two days of the week the meeting of the

Chagas Disease Clinical Research Platform was held. few parallel meetings,

useful to improve the work on Chagas disease and the network

between countries facing the disease, were held with

the participation of COHEMI network representatives.