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European health systems are committed to meeting the challenge of understanding the needs of migrant populations and adapting their services to meet these needs.

The difficulties inextricably linked to this challenge are caused by the complexity of migration patterns and the differences between migrant populations across EU countries.

At present, the limited available data show that attempts to incorporate migrants' health needs, in particular those of migrants from non-EU countries, into EU health systems have remained scattered and uncoordinated.

In particular, the limited knowledge of the priority health problems affecting Latin American migrants and a lack of data on the multiple determinants of health service utilization (accessibility, appropriateness of care provided and client satisfaction) negatively influence the possibility of providing good quality care of migrants.

The inequality of access to, and outocmes from, healthcare services between migrants and the autoctonous population is therefore an issue of concern to both healthcare providers and policymakers in Europe.

Health through the provision of accessible healthcare services is a right for permanent and temporary residents of the EU.