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Individual partners will lead the specific co-ordination work packages (WPs) detailed below.

There is a clear, well organized structure for all partners to contribute their range of skills to these projects, either through day to day focused activities within the projects in cooperation with the lead partner, or through consultation via email, teleconferences, and the highly effective annual COHEMI official conference, in which specific workshops will be organised.

COHEMI coordination activities include desk studies (including exchange of data between EU and LA), setting up of common protocols for data format and quality control, promotion of good epidemiological and statistical practice, exchange and dissemination of information, setting up international expert groups and organisation of meetings.

Coordination activities will also support the exchange and dissemination of good practice that will focus on developing sustainable control strategies for the selected patterns of disease.

The activities of COHEMI are organized into eight distinct work packages, with each work package consisting of coherent set of activities, geared towards clear defined deliverables.

Each WP will be lead by a responsible WP leader and will be linked towards the relevant expert working groups to ensure optimal coordination at the operational level.

The WPs related to studies on relevant LA diseases (WP3 to WP5), will be internally divided among EU and LA partners with the aim of ensuring region specific evidence on the range and magnitude of the health problem.

During the development of the work plan particular attention will be paid to vulnerable populations (e.g. children, pregnant women).

WP1 Administration and co-ordination of the consortium Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research (IRFMN)
WP2 Analysis of health system and legislation University of Amsterdam (UvA)
WP3 Neglected parasitic diseases Fundaciò Clinic para la Recerca Biomèdica (FCRB)
WP4 Tuberculosis Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia, Lima (UPCH)
WP5 Non communicable chronic disorders Centro de Epidemiologia comunitaria y Medicina Tropical (FUNSAD/CECOMET)
WP6 Social and Cultural context to health seeking of Latin American Migrants in Europe Fundaciò Clinic para la Recerca Biomèdica (FCRB)
WP7 Development of shared procedures and policies suggestions Centre for Tropical Diseases, Sacro Cuore Hospital of Negrar, Verona (CTD)
WP8 Diffusion of information Taller de Education y Comunicacion TEKO-GUARANI (TEKO)