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The core of this project involves the coordination of available resources in the study and presentation of new insights on a number of key health - releated problems of LA migrants to policy makers in EU and LA countries with the aim of designing and implementing of new policies. Some specific diseases/groups of diseases have been selected as "key informants".

A particular emphasis will be put on the so called Neglected Diseases (NDs); among the communicable diseases, the project will focus on tuberculosis; and finally, hypertension and epilepsy have been selected as the key informant on chronic, non-infectious diseases.

The criteria used to select the diseases are:

a) background and experience of participant groups

b) the significance for these diseases for the target population.

Having worked with migrants for the last 20 years and having recently carried out new pioneering network activities on specific LA neglected diseases (Chagas and Strongiloydiasis) the centres of excellence collaborating in the COHEMI project form a coherent and effective network, with partners concentrating on contributing to their areas of special expertise.